Knowledge Perspectives

12 Ash Grove
Magill SA 5072

+61 (0)408804490

About Knowledge Perspectives

Knowledge Perspectives helps its clients thrive in an increasingly complex, changing and disrupted world. In that environment we help our clients create and deploy value.

One of our key roles in this fast changing world is to act as a catalyst for thoughtful action, building robust frameworks for the future that support growth and reduce risk.

We have the knowledge to enhance connections through the power of networks – an acknowledged tool of the 21st century. We understand competencies and how they combine to form the capabilities that enable sustainable success. We help companies achieve more than they can by themselves through our in-depth, long term experience in collaboration. We assist clients create the new knowledge they need to achieve this.

Collaboration with our clients requires five steps: understanding, analysis, design, action and review. Our philosophy creates a sustainable transfer of knowledge to our clients.

Knowledge Perspectives’ network provides subject matter experts that collaborate to provide the cross disciplinary skills needed to solve today’s challenges of tackling the unknown unknowns.

Our role in Team.eX is to provide participants with high level expertise in multi-firm teaming, facilitate progress towards teaming success and provide solutions that others may not be able to see.

When others suggest ‘either/or’, we look at ‘both/and’. How can we both prepare for the disrupted future we face and still allow shorter term results to be produced?


Teaming with other firms

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